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Carpet Steam Cleaning Upholstery Steam Cleaning Tile, Grout, & Marble Cleaning Air Duct Cleaning/Sanitizing Use of organic, environmentally friendly products that are safe for you, your family, and your pets 45 Day Warranty At Expo Carpet Cleaning Los Angeles there Is A Special Department That Deals Only With Cleaning Carpets And Upholstery And Specialize In Renewing And Restoring Old And New Upholstery with A Unique Secret Cleaning Process That Is Exclusive Only To Our Clients. We Clean Any Kind Of Materials And Fabrics!: Cotton, Kashmir, Silk, Linen, Acrylic, And Leather More Information About Our Services:

We will measure you’re carpet sq. and give you options to clean your carpet

Basic Steam Process Carpet shampooing, vacuum, and wash Professionals recommend this every 3 months to prevent heavy stains!

Carpet Steam Cleaning

We use Hot Water Extraction with the most efficient and up to date equipment available on the market. Our use of organic, non-harmful materials that are environmentally friendly to your carpet, your health and your pets. We believe in making the job safe and giving your carpet longer life! We specialize in stain removal, high traffic areas, and pet stains. We come to you: Home or Business.

Deep Cleaning Steam Process Renews any carpets that have severe stains, traffic areas, pet stains & food stains! We add the final touch of a Degreaser, Sanitizer and odor removal!

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